2021 China Hardware Exhibition

2020-12-17 14:35:21

2021 China Hardware Exhibition

Time: October 8-10, 2021

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Organizer: China Hardware Association

Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Light Industry Branch of CCPIT

Brief introduction

CIHS was founded in 2001. Over the past ten years, CIHS has developed rapidly into a global major hardware exhibition in accordance with the market and service industry. It is known as "the barometer of hardware market and the wind vane of industry development".

In recent years, CIHS has been stable in the exhibition scale of more than 100000 square meters (excluding the international kitchen and bathroom Expo), which is recognized by the industry as a global * * and Asia Pacific hardware professional exhibition. Help Chinese enterprises "go out, go in, go up"

Review of Shanghai Hardware Exhibition

As a mature, internationalized and highly specialized hardware professional exhibition in China, the exhibition continues to stabilize its scale and deepen its connotation, covering an area of more than 120000 square meters, with about 6000 booths, nearly 3000 exhibitors and nearly 400 overseas exhibitors. Its scale continues to maintain the level of the world * * and Asia *. The exhibition was strongly supported by IHA and EDRA. One belt, one road, one in Italy, Japan, Korea, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Chinese mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan, and "along the road" and so on, nearly 30 enterprises in * * and regions participated in the exhibition.

Exhibition scope:

·Hardware tools: hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, steam protection tools, mechanical tools, gardening tools, abrasives, mechanical tools, hydraulic tools, high pressure cleaning equipment, toolbox, air compressor, cutting tools, welding tools and equipment;

·Building hardware / DIY furniture: building materials and accessories, fasteners, nails, wire mesh, brush and wall tools, iron and metal products, ladder and scaffold, coating and chemical products, furniture accessories, decoration hardware, etc;

·Mechanical and electrical products: welding and cutting equipment, small machinery, CNC machine tools, pumps, valves, bearings, electrical appliances, related parts, accessories and parts.